Summer’s Here!
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Summer’s Here!

It’s funny how it feels that Summer only really starts when the schools break up although it officially begins on 21st June!

As a child I would look forward with excited anticipation to those six weeks of school holidays. Sometime in August our family would set off on our annual holiday to Cornwall. The car would be jam-packed with “essentials” and my brother and I would be squashed on the back seat amongst enough food and drink to sustain us throughout the nine hour journey (there weren’t so many motorways or dual carriageways back then). My Mum originated from a small Cornish village near St Austell so we often stayed with my Auntie, Uncle and cousins who lived there. We spent most of our days with them exploring the local golden beaches, busy harbours and beauty spots.   

Later, when I had my own family, I made sure we still headed down west most years to visit our family, friends and special places. Now there is another generation, my two grandsons, who are just discovering the delights of Cornwall. I hope they will make the same wonderful holiday memories. Just like them when the time came to pack the car back up for the return journey I would protest that I didn’t want to go home. My Nan would say “all good things must come to an end”  I suppose that if it didn’t have to come to an end it wouldn’t be such a special time and you wouldn’t be able to look forward to doing it all over again the next year! I always tell my family “if your sad to leave then it’s a sign of successful holiday!”.

So as I’m setting off once again for Cornish shores next week I will be taking a little break from my sewing. I have, however, recently added some new coastal inspired cushions to my Etsy shop including one that features an old Cornish tin mine by the sea. The image is from an old oil painting I acquired. I thought the  colours and composition were so beautiful that I had some fabric specially printed with the image. It is the perfect size for providing back support in a deck chair or on long car journeys!

Happy holidays!